Thursday, October 7, 2010

That's why you get B for your BM

S: I get B for my BM. I studying at premier school, so, with that result, my teacher cannot accepting it.
DJ: Im gonna asking you a question.
S: ok.
DJ: If you put "cili padi" in ur rice, will it be hot?
S: Ok, I'm telling you something, I can't eat rice without the "cili padi".
DJ: Alooo dude, Im asking you, will it be hot, answer the question, hot or not, Im not asking bout' your routine, lol, that's why you get B for your BM.
S: Ok2, what the quantity of "cili padi" in the rice?
DJ: Aiyo, its a simple question la dude, just answer it hot or not. haha That's why again you get B for your BM.

credits: around 7.10am morning talk, 7 Oct 2010

p/s: This is a true story, happen to almost bright students. My word, plz just answer that question, the question is very clear.
Same goes when Im teaching in class, plz accept everything I said, there are no tricks in my every questions. We're not doing IQ test.